The latest collection of porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, quartz and glass tiles with groundbreaking technologies. Extensive range of tiles from around the world indoor and outdoor.

Available in different textures and materials including natural stone, ceramic and porcelain.

  • One of largest selection of tiles in London.
  • Over 300 tonnes of tiles in stock and see our trade counter for an immediate delivery.
  • An elegant, sophisticated style, conceived to last over time.
  • We are proud to offer an extensive range of tiles from around the world, which express the aesthetic culture and stylistic excellence in their fine design.
  • Large assortment of colours and decorations.
  • The use of state of the art technologies and raw materials.
  • Most of the tiles are made using the digital design which offers high definition and precision. of detail right up to the edge of the tile.
  • Specific tiles are now available in different textures which can be used for outdoor harden, patio as well as for the indoor.

Find the right tile for your taste and see our collection for your space.